Hepatitis B Prevention and Control Policy is Required by DOLE Under D.O. 198 Series of 2018

Hepatitis B Prevention and Control Policy is Required by DOLE Under D.O. 198 Series of 2018

Hepatitis B Mandatory PolicyDepartment Advisory No. 5, Series of 2010 of the Department of Labor and Employment mandating the institution of policies and programs on the prevention and control of Hepatitis B in the workplace.

This is pursuant to DOLE D.O. 198, Series of 2018, providing for the Rules on Occupational Safety And Health Standards. D.O. 198 is the IRR of Republic Act No. 11058 or An Act Strengthening Compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Standards and Providing Penalties for Violations Thereof.

The State affirms labor as a primary social and economic force, and that a safe and healthy workforce is an integral aspect of nation building.

The State shall ensure a safe and healthful workplace for all working people by affording them full protection against all hazards in their work environment. It shall ensure that the provisions of the Labor Code of the Philippines, all domestic laws, and internationally-recognized standards on occupational safety and health are being fully enforced and complied with by the employers, and it shall provide penalties for any violation thereof.

The State shall protect every worker against injury, sickness or death through safe and healthful working conditions thereby assuring the conservation of valuable manpower resources and the prevention of loss or damage to lives and properties consistent with the national development goals, and with the State’s commitment to the total development of every worker as a complete human being.

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The State, in protecting the safety and health of the workers, shall promote strict but dynamic, inclusive, and gender-sensitive measures in the formulation and implementation of policies and programs related to occupational safety and health.

The IRR apples to all establishments, projects and sites, and all other places where work is being undertaken in all branches of economic activity, including:

(a) Establishments located inside special economic zones and other investment promotion agencies (e.g., Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), Clark Development Corporation (CDC]);

(b) Utilities engaged in air, sea, and land transportation; and (c) Industries such as mining, fishing, construction, agriculture, and maritime.

It also covers contractors and subcontractors including those engaged in the projects of the public sector. Workers of contractors and subcontractors should follow the OSH policy and program of the establishment where they are assigned.

However, it does not apply to the public sector such as national government agencies, government-owned and controlled corporations with original charters, government financial institutions, state universities and colleges and local government units which shall be governed by appropriate rules and regulations issued by the Civil Service Commission and other government agencies.

One of those required in this IRR is the adoption of the policy on the control and prevention of Hepatitis B in the workplace. The company’s adoption of the policies and programs on the prevention and control of Hepatitis B in the workplace is mandatory.

In fact, it is part of the checklist of DOLE in its inspection pursuant to its Visitorial and Enforcement powers under the Labor Code. The company should come up with the policy on prevention and control of Hepatitis B.

In compliance with the DOLE issuance, the policy may provide for the following:

  1. Statement of Legal Compliance
  2. Declaration of Corporate Policy on Hepatitis B Prevention and Control
  3. Purpose
  4. Implementing Structure
  5. Coverage
  6. Guidelines
    1. Preventive Strategies
  7. Recording, Reporting and Setting Up of Database
  8. Social Policy
    1. Non-Discriminatory Policy and Practices
  9. Work Accommodation Arrangement
  10. Roles and Responsibilities of Workers

LVS has a ready template providing for sample policy on this matter.

Please check the link for the sample DOLE Hepatitis B Prevention and Control Policy template to make it easier for companies to formulate and comply with the DOLE requirements.

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