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  • Guide to Valid Job Contracting & Sub Contracting

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    Title: Guide to Valid Job Contracting & Sub Contracting


    This work will enlighten contractors, principals and all parties involved in contracting the rules, doctrines and principles behind job contracting. Discussed in this book are rules on labor-only contracting, right to control, supervision, registration, licensing, payment of wages, contracting in construction industry, security service, among others. Laws and rules discussed are D.O. 18-A, Articles 106-109 of the Labor Code, as amended, D.O.19, Series of 1998, RA 5487 on security contracts and its implementing rules.


    Employers and Companies will benefit from extensive discussion on various issues on job contracting.


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  • Guide to Valid Job Contracting and Subcontracting 2nd Edition

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    The subject matter of job contracting and subcontracting is a trick territory for businesses their owners. Understanding the technical sides of it are left to the experts and practitioners.


    Nonetheless, even experts find the topic challenging. This book is intended to help companies, business owners, managers, expats, and HR practitioners navigate through the “treacherous waters” of job contracting and subcontracting.


    While the word “treacherous” used to describe it may be strong the association to it is justified by the fact that engaging in contracting is very technical. A single mistake, regardless of intentions, of the parties will be catastrophic.


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    Imagine, for instance, a big company contracting hundreds of workers with what it thought was a legitimate contract, which due to technical errors the
    authorities suddenly found the relationship a labor-only contracting. The said scores of employees of contractor will become regular with the principal. This will surely blow the pay grade of the company out of proportion. The correction and/or adjustments needed will be enormous and costly.


    This work provides not just laws, rules, and regulations. It gives perspective, insight, and the bird’s-eye view of the situation to serve as a map to the right direction. It tackles D.O. 174, Series of 2017 which superseded D.O. 18- A. The DOLE Advisory 01, Series of 2017 providing exceptions. Relevant rules such as D.O. 19, D.O. 13, and D.O. 198, among others.


    Also, R.A. 11058 and relevant decisions of the Supreme Court on the matter, most especially, on off-detail status in a 2019 case, Bognot vs. Pinic International (Trading) Corporation/CD-R King, et al., (G.R. No. 212471, March 11, 2019). Can individuals with unique skills and talents engage in contracting without registration under D.O. 174? The author discussed the answer in this work.


    Salient points of D.O. 174 include the substantial capital of P5 million, shortened validity of the registration, concepts of temporary off-detail, expiration of service agreement, termination for just cause, authorized cause, and not due to expiration of service agreement and their implications.


    This book is a compliance guide, first and foremost, to help businesses in their quest to achieve their objectives the legal way and without accidentally falling in the traps of technicalities.



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  • Compensation Boss: 13th Month Pay Calculator Employees Version

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    Product Description (in English) – Compensation Boss
    13th Month Pay Calculator; See Product Description in Filipino / Tagalog below


    This product is intended for employees as users giving them opportunity to have a hassle-free way to approximately compute their 13th month pay.

    This features a file saved in Excel Microsoft 365, Version 16.54. User has to have such specification or its equivalent. The file offers quick way to determine 13th month pay by simply inputting the basic salary earned per payroll (“kinsenas at katapusan”).

    Results are computed automatically. Bonus sheets include redundancy separation pay calculator for both daily paid and monthly paid employees.

    Retrenchment pay calculator, retirement pay calculator, and the service incentive leave (SIL) pay calculator. At an introductory price of just PhP59.00, this will be a big help to workers who need to have an immediate answer to their approximate 13th month pay benefits.


    Product Description (in Filipino / Tagalog)


    Ang produktong ito ay dinisenyo para sa mga empleyado upang mabigyan sila ng pagkakataon na magkaroon ng mabilis at epektibong paraan upang alamin ang halaga ng kanilang makukuhang 13th Month Pay na benepisyo.


    Ang produktong ito ay naka-save sa file na Excel Microsoft 365, Version 16.54. Ang bibili at gagamit nito ay dapat mayroong nasabing specification, application, o programa sa kanyang kompyuter o katumbas nito. Ang nasabing file ay nagbibigay nang mabilis na paraan upang alamin ang 13th Month Pay na makukuha sa pamamagitan lamang ng pag-encode o pag type ng halaga ng basic salary na kinita kada sahod (“kinsenas at katapusan”).


    Ang resultang makukuha ay kaagad na kinakalkula. May bonus sheets na kasama para sa pag-kompyut ng separation pay para sa mga empleyadong arawan ang sahod at buwanan.


    Mayroon ding Retrenchment pay calculator, retirement pay calculator, at service incentive leave (SIL) pay calculator. Ang introductory price na PhP59.00 ay malaking tulong para sa mga manggagawa na kailangan magkaroon ng mabilisang sagot sa halaga ng 13th month pay benefits na makukuha.


  • Employee Leave Benefits

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    Title: Employee Leave Benefits


    Relatively new laws have been passed such as the ten (10)-day VAW-C leave for victims of violence and the recently enacted two (2)-month gynecological leave.


    The author explain these benefits in interesting fashion and easy-to- read format. Likewise, he discusses important issues on Paternity. Solo Parent’s and Service Incentive Leave Benefits, among others.


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  • Guide To Valid Dismissal Of Employees (The HR Practitioner’s Handbook)

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    Title: Guide To Valid Dismissal Of Employees (The HR Practitioner’s Handbook)


    The book by Atty. Elvin B. Villanueva provides a refreshing and analytical insight on the matter with a twist of Human Resource outlook. His works, the HR Guide Series, which includes the “Guide to Valid Dismissal of Employees” and the “Guide on Employee Compensation and Benefits,” provide a compelling lineup of various topics on labor and human resources.


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    400.00 320.00
  • Employee Transfer & Demotion

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    Title: Employee Transfer and Demotion


    The book provides updated answers to the most pressing questions on employee transfer and demotion. This is must-have for employers who would want to make the right decision and avoid or minimize labor disputes.


    This work will guide the practitioners and business owners in navigating the treacherous terrain of transfer and demotion. Questions regarding timing of transfer, acts to avoid, lateral position, location, and rank are concisely discussed in this work. The dos and don’ts in demotion are also clearly and completed explain.


    The concepts are easy to understand making this book an important arsenal in every HR practitioner or business owner’s library.


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  • Guide on Wage Order and Minimum Wage

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    Title: Guide on Wage Order and Minimum Wage


    This work provides a comprehensive discussion on wage orders with regard to the mechanics of issuance, coverage and resolution of certain issues like the wage distortion.


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  • Batas Kasambahay

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    Title: Batas Kasambahay


    Batas Kasambahay or Republic Act 10361 is a milestone legislation for Kasambahays all over the country. This by far has offered strong protection and more benefits for covered workers.


    Salient provisions discussed in the book are new minimum wage, 5-day service incentive leave benefit, SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig coverage, payroll retention of 3 years, communication rules, grounds for termination, rescue, deployment expenses and debt bondage.


    The book likewise provides Filipino excerpts on certain concepts for terms that are best expressed in our language. For those who initially read the draft of the book found the contents very useful. In fact, it can serve as handy reference for every household since topics are easy to read, well explained and the format is conducive to easy reading.


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  • Gabay sa mga Karapatan ng Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)

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    Title: Gabay sa mga Karapatan ng Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)
    Author: Atty. Elvin B. Villanueva
    Publisher: Central Book Supply, Inc.
    ISBN: 978-971-011-130-5
    No. Of Pages: 185
    Size: 6″x9″
    Edition: First Edition, 2010
    Size: 6″x9″
    Binding: Softbound

  • Guide on Employee Compensation and Benefits Vol. 2

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    Title: Guide on Employee Compensation and Benefits Vol. 2


    Just how much should the company give as bonus? Just how many months of bonus should the company give without violating the law? If the company pays Christmas Bonus is it still required to pay 13th month pay? How about 14th and 15th month pay, should the company pay them also?


    These are some of the perplexing questions that a typical HR practitioner encounters in his work. Most often, it is resolved in favor of the employees resulting in increased manpower cost on the part of the company.


    The rules on 13th month pay and Christmas Bonus are discussed in this book. When to pay them and when not to are explained using the law and jurisprudence. Companies are not required to pay 14th, 15th month pay, and so forth, unless they are stipulated already in the CBA or any contract for that matter. But they are not legally mandated benefits.


    How about productivity incentive bonuses, signing bonus, etc.? This book also offers explanation why some should be paid and the rest should not be.


    Then comes the issue on leaves. Question like is there such thing as vacation leave in the Labor Code? Why can’t I find it? There is none because the Labor Code only provides for service incentive leave. There are other leave benefits discussed in this work like paternal, paternity and for women who are victims of violence.


    This book also deals with issues on

    • employee cash bonds, deposits
    • authorized deductions
    • the rules on employee compensation for disability, sickness, etc.


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  • Non-APOR Driver / Fetcher Certification Soft Copy

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    This is a suggested soft copy template saved in Word File and editable in Word Document involving the Philippine National Police (PNP) declaration to require non-APOR fetchers / drivers of the APOR individuals to present a certification before the checkpoint personnel, among other requirements.


    As a background, on July 29, 2021 the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) issued Resolution No. 130-A, Series of 2021 placing the NCR under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) for the period August 6-20, 2021.


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  • Release, Waiver and Quitclaim Resigned Standard – Soft Copy Editable Template

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    This is a soft copy product template, save in Word File and editable in Word Document containing the important provisions needed for the release of employer from liability and the waiver and quitclaim of the employee of all claims against the company.


    This is called a standard version because this contemplates ordinary situation where the employee simply claims the final pay and executed this along with it. Ordinary situations
    include death of employee, the one claiming is not the employee, the employee is retired and hospitalized and the one claiming is a relative or family member, the employee died of gunshot, etc.


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