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The HR Bundle offers excellent tools for learning about HR/Labor rules, doctrines and principles in various books written by Atty. Elvin B. Villanueva. Each book in the bundle provides unique content dealing with particular labor/HR topic.


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HR Bundle includes:

Title ISBN
All you need to know.. Leave Benefits978-971- 950-540- 2
Employee Compensation V 2 Second Ed.978-971- 011-915- 8
Human Resource Forms Vol. 1978-971- 011-246- 3
Solutions and Remedies on Wage Order and Minimum Wage 2 nd Edition978-621- 020-141- 3
Transfer & Demotion978-971- 011-363- 7
Valid Dismissal Second Edition978-971- 011-775- 8
Labor Code of the Philippines (Re-numbered and Updated)978-621-02-0277-9
Tax Solutions on Employee Compensation and Benefits, 2nd Edition 2019978-621-02-0723-1
Guide on Employee Compensation and Benefits Volume 1, 2nd Edition, 2020978-621-02-0825-2
How to Design and Formulate Company Code of Discipline978-621-020-032-4
Human Resource Forms, Notices, and Contracts Vol. 2978-971- 011-425- 2

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