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Sample Resignation Letter

Sample resignation letter is provided here to those who want to have an idea on what it usually contains in its simple form. Normally, resignation that has no underlying reason is short and lacks drama. There is no hard and fast rule as to the form of resignation. As long as it is voluntary on the part of the employee without any duress, improper pressure, or trickery then it can validly discharge the employer from further pursuing employer-employee relationship. Under [...]

Burden of Proof in Dispute Over Resignation Letter

Teodora F. Campo (Campo) claimed that she worked for Silvertex Weaving Corporaton (SILVERTEX) as a weaving machine operator. Prior to her dismissal, she was suspended for one   week after a stitching machine that she was operating overheated and emitted smoke on.   When she tried to report back to work, she was denied entry by the SILVERTEX’s security guard, reportedly upon the instructions of Arcenal. For their defense, the Silvertex Weaving Corporation (Silvertex) argued that Campo voluntarily resigned from SILVERTEX [...]

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