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Company Policy Should Be Made Known To Employees; Sample Document Proving Receipt (in Filipino)

Company policy partakes of the nature of an implied contract between the employer and employee. (Abbott Laboratories vs. Alcaraz, G.R. No. 192571, July 23, 2013) The Supreme Court, citing Parts Depot, Inc. vs. Beiswenger, (170 S.W.3d 354 (Ky. 2005)) held that employer statements of policy can give rise to contractual rights in employees without evidence that the parties mutually agreed that the policy statements would create contractual rights in the employee, and, hence, although the statement of policy is [...]

Just Cause for Employee Dismissal

In the previous post, the guideposts on employee dismissal were discussed. The discussion is based on the book Guide to Valid Dismissal of Employees. Having already shown the guideposts, the first to be discussed is the cause allowed by law in termination. What are the “proper and valid grounds” for dismissal? The Labor Code mentions that this refers to just causes under Article 282 [now Article 297 in a re-numbered Labor Code] and authorized causes under Article 283 [now Article [...]

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