Rating Tabulation for Probationary Employee


This product provides the tabulation for the metrics for probationary employee. LVS has a template for probationary contract.


The rule on probationary employment is that the employee becomes regular by operation of law after six (6) months of probationary employment. Now, the employer is expected to rate the employee at such frequency necessary.


The ideal is monthly rating. However, to balance administrative feasibility, it may be recommended that frequency be at least three times prior to 5th month of probation. For instance, after 2 months, after 3 months, and after 5 months of probationary status.

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The rating clause in the probationary template provides, as follows:


  1. In the performance of duties, the PROBATIONARY EMPLOYEE shall be evaluated to determine fitness for the position as a regular worker. The following standards of weight shall be used to ascertain whether she would qualify as a regular employee:


  • Performance 30%
  • Punctuality/Attendance 20%
  • Behavior         20%
  • Teamwork 20%
  • Initiative 10%


  1. The total weight is 100%. If the PROBATIONARY EMPLOYEE receives a total weight below 85% it shall be deemed as failure to meet the standards which may be ground for dismissal based on failure to qualify;


  1. Performance metrics representing 30% of the total weight shall be based on the following:


  • Business knowledge 20%
  • Output/production 50%
  • Resourcefulness 20%
  • Teamwork 10%


  1. Punctuality/attendance shall be 20% subject to deduction of 3% for every instance of tardiness and 4% for every instance of absence. Absence due to medical reason shall be supported with notarized medical certificate and for other reasons a sworn statement of the fact of absence and affidavits of disinterested persons. Failure to produce said documents and records within two (2) days from absence shall be deemed unauthorized absence;


  1. Behavior shall be 20% subject to deduction for every citation or violation of company rules, to wit:


  • Written warning –       less 2%
  • Stern warning     –       less 5%
  • Written reprimand – less 6%
  • 1-day Suspension –       less 7%
  • Longer suspension – less 10%


  1. The PROBATIONARY EMPLOYEE is expected to be a team player and work in coordination with other employees. A teamwork rating shall be made by immediate superior based on the result of the latter’s interview or assessment of the feedback of other employees or team members, as the case may be;


  1. The rating for Initiative shall be given by the immediate superior based on how the PROBATIONARY EMPLOYEE acts on tasks on his/her own without any express direction by the superior bearing in mind the goals and objectives of the company.


To rate such employee, it is easier if there is already a table showing the rating weights so the rater can just fill out the numbers and calculate the total score.


This product supplies the template for the table based on the above rating weights which can be very helpful to arrive at the decision whether to regularize the probationary employee or terminate the services.




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