Release, Waiver & Quitclaim Terminated Standard

Release, Waiver & Quitclaim Terminated Standard


I, MS. ANNE DERSTUD, of legal age, Filipino, and a resident of BLND45, Kopi St., Villamor Airbase, Brgy 183 Pasay City, after having been duly sworn to in accordance with law, do hereby depose and state, that:


  1. On June 17, 20___ I was validly TERMINATED for just cause on account of my violations of the law, company rules, policies, and procedure;


  1. For and in consideration of the receipt of the amount of FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS (PhP50,000.00), as my final pay, which is a full and complete settlement of all salaries and employment benefits which includes but is not limited to last salary due, monetized Service Incentive Leave (SIL), 13th month pay, and other benefits;


  1. I acknowledge the receipt of the abovementioned sum representing full satisfaction of all emoluments and compensation that I may be entitled to under the law, contract, or company policy for the service I have rendered for the Company;


  1. I acknowledge the validity of my dismissal/termination from service. I do hereby release, remiss and forever discharge XYZ Corporation, Savrasa Werpa and the companies’ officers, directors employees, managers, agents, and representatives, from any and all liabilities, damages, claims which may now or in the future arise as a result of my work with the company.

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  1. If found hereinafter that there would be any other sums that I am entitled to, prior to this, or in the future, that the amount I mentioned above which I herein duly received, shall constitute as full and final settlement for such;


  1. I hereby voluntarily, freely and unconditionally declare that I have no further claims or right of action, whether past, present, future or contingent, of whatever nature and hereby waive any and all claims and causes of actions or judgments of any tribunal I may have in my favor of or against the Company its officers, directors, representatives, agents and assigns including but not limited to, matter of DISMISSAL, for lack of cause of action, arising from my employment and the cessation thereof;


  1. I will institute no action, whether civil, criminal, labor or administrative against the company its directors, officers, employees, agents and clients. Any and all actions which I may have commenced either solely in my name or jointly with others before any office, board, bureau, court, or tribunal against the company, its directors, officers, employees, agents and clients are hereby deemed and considered voluntary withdrawn by me and I will no longer testify or continue to prosecute said action(s) and that the same shall be dismissed;


  1. I execute this Release, Waiver & Quitclaim voluntarily and freely, without any force, duress, improper pressure, or intimidation from anyone and with full understanding of the contents hereof duly explained to me in language that I understand.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature this 22nd day of July 20___ in the City of Makati.




SSS ID: 12345

TIN: 6789


Signed in the Presence of:


_____________________                               _________________________





CITY OF _________________                       ) S.S.



BEFORE ME, a notary public for and in the City of _______________________________, personally appeared the above and presented to me her competent evidence of identity shown above and affirmed to me that this Release, Waiver & Quitclaim, consisting of two (2) pages, including this page where acknowledgment is written, is his own, free, voluntary act and deed.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my seal and signature this ______ day of July 20___ in the City of ______________________.



Doc. No.: ______________;

Page No.: ______________;

Book No.: ______________;

Series of 20___





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