Ring-Bound: Digest on Critical Supreme Court Decisions on Labor Cases 2016 Cases

Ring-Bound: Digest on Critical Supreme Court Decisions on Labor Cases 2016 Cases


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Digest of Critical Supreme Court Decisions on Labor Cases is an ambitious work to provide readers, HR practitioners, lawyers, and law students with crucial information on the Supreme Court decisions in labor cases. The digested cases are handy in tracking the recent rulings which are crucial in policy formulation in labor and employee relations. They are critical in a sense that the changes affect the labor environment and those not in the know may bear the adverse consequences.


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Labor law is like a living organism that changes as time passes by. The employer who is more cognizant of the changes can adapt effectively. The presentation is indexed for easy reference. The book provides a digest of the recent decisions of the Supreme Court in labor such as cases on Retirement, Refusal to retire, Retirement plan vs. Labor Code Redundancy, Redundancy carried out by persons belonging to related companies, Labor claims against related companies, Employment contract, Audited financial statement (AFS) and Judicial notice of losses, Rehiring of some of the retrenched employees, Rehabilitation; and Quitclaim. This Year 2016 Digest covers SC Decisions on Strike; Notice of strike; Illegal strike; Valid dismissal; Employment status deemed lost; Transfer; Promotion; Resignation; force; threat; intimidation; coercion; release; waiver; quitclaim; Res judicata; Conclusiveness of judgment; Certification election; Illegal dismissal; Job contracting; Labor-only contracting; Labor-only contractor; Presumed labor-only contractor; Fixed-term; Fixed-term employment; Independent contractor; Repeated renewal; etc.



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HSBC Employees Union vs. NLRC
G.R. No. 156635, January 11, 2016

Strike; Notice of strike; Illegal strike; Valid dismissal; Employment status deemed

Echo 2000 Commercial Corporation vs. FILIPINO-ECHO 2000 CHAPTER-
G.R. No. 214092, January 11, 2016

Transfer; Promotion

Iladan vs. La Suerte Manpower Agency, Inc,
G.R. No. 203882, January 11, 2016

Resignation; force; threat; intimidation; coercion; release; waiver; quitclaim;

Lagahit vs. Pacific Concord Container Lines
G.R. No. 177680, January 13, 2016

Resignation; Managerial employee; Willful breach of trust

Hijo Resources Corporation vs. Mejares
G.R. No. 208986, January 13, 2016

Res judicata; Conclusiveness of judgment; Certification election; Illegal dismissal

Diamond Farms vs. Farms Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Multi-Purpose
Cooperative (DARBMUPCO)
G.R. Nos. 173254-55 & 173263, January 13, 2016

Job contracting; Labor-only contracting; Labor-only contractor; Presumed labor-
only contractor

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Olimpia Housing, Inc. vs. Lapastora
G.R. No. 187691, January 13, 2016

Stare decisis; Illegal dismissal; Regular employee; Public interest

Quiro-Quiro vs. Balagtas Credit Cooperative & Community Development,
G.R. No. 209921, January 13, 2016

Compromise agreement; Valid dismissal; Nominal damages; Statutory due

Cebu People’s Multi-purpose Cooperative vs. Carbonilla, Jr.
G.R. No. 212070, January 27, 2016

Serious misconduct; Misconduct; Loss of trust and confidence; Valid dismissal;

Disrespect towards superior; Totality of infractions principle; 13 th month pay offset
against accountabilities; legal compensation involving employee debts

Manila Memorial Park Cemetery, Inc. vs. Lluz
G.R. No. 208451, February 3, 2016

Employer-employee relationship; Labor-only contracting; Presumed labor-only
contractor; Labor-only contractor

Samonte vs. La Salle Greenhills, Inc.
G.R. No. 199683, February 10, 2016

Fixed-term; Fixed-term employment; Independent contractor; Repeated renewal

Security Bank Savings Corporation (Formerly Premiere Development Bank)
vs. Singson
G.R. No. 214230, February 10, 2016

Separation pay; Valid dismissal; Long years of service

Capin-Cadiz vs. Brent Hospital and Colleges, Inc.
G.R. 187417, February 24, 2016

Immorality; Disgraceful or immoral conduct; Pre-marital sexual relations;
Pregnancy out-of-wedlock;

Guillermo vs. Uson
G.R. No. 198967, March 7, 2016

Solidary liability; Solidary liability although not originally impleaded

Jamias vs. NLRC
G.R. No. 159350, March 9, 2016

Fixed-term employment; Regular employment; Day certain; Employment
Contract Drafting

Tabuk Multipurpose Cooperative, Inc. (TAMPCO) vs. Duclan
G.R. No. 203005, March 14, 2016
Willful disobedience; Procedural due process; Management prerogative; Waiver
of right to discipline; Retirement

Universal Robina Sugar Milling Corporation vs. Ablay
G.R. No. 218172, March 16, 2016

Serious misconduct; Less punitive; Suspension; Reinstatement; Reinstatement without backwages;

Silvertex Weaving Corporaton vs. Campo
G.R. No. 211411, March 16, 2016

Resignation; Signature; Forgery

Divine World College of Laoag vs. Mina
G.R. No. 195155, April 13, 2016

Retirement; Burden of proof; Burden to prove compliance with retirement policy;
Constructive dismissal; Transfer; Demotion; Automatic termination clause; Contractual;

Robina Farms Cebu/Universal Robina Corporation vs. Elizabeth Villa
G.R. No. 175869. April 18, 2016

Retirement; Filing of application and intention to retire; Voluntary retirement;
Involuntary retirement; Overtime

Sonia F. Mariano vs. Martinez Memorial Colleges, Inc., et al.
G.R. No. 194119. April 13, 2016

Transfer; Dishonesty; Loss of confidence

Blue Eagle Management, Inc., et al. vs. Jocelyn L. Naval
G.R. No. 192488. April 19, 2016

Resignation; Resignation as a defense; Clear, positive and convincing;
Retrenchment; Financial Statements; Proof of actual financial losses; Prevent
future losses

Yellow Bus Lines Employees Union (YBLEU) vs. Yellow Bus Lines, Inc.
G.R. No. 190876, June 15, 2016

Compromise agreement; Gross negligence; Gross inefficiency; Carelessness

Balais vs. Se’lon by Aimee

G.R. No. 196557, June 15, 2016

Admission by silence; Willful disobedience; Willful or perverse attitude;
Procedural due process

Philippine Savings Bank vs. Manuel P. Barrera
G.R. No. 197393, June 15, 2016

Loss of trust and confidence; Managerial employee; Supersedeas bond; Judicial
accreditation of surety companies

South Cotabato Communications Corporation and Gauvain J. Benzonan vs.
Hon. Patricia Sto. Tomas, et al.
G.R. No. 217575. June 15, 2016

Due process; Opportunity to be heard; Visitorial and enforcement powers;
Employer-employee relationship; Express finding of employer-employee; Facts
and the law of the decision

Ting Trucking vs. John C. Makilan
G.R. No. 216452. June 20, 2016

Serious misconduct; Pattern of unexplained incidents; Substantial evidence

Cagayan Electric Power & Light Company, Inc. (CEPALCO), et al. vs.
CEPALCO Employee's Labor Union-Associated Labor Unions-Trade Union
Congress of the Philippines (TUCP)
G.R. No. 211015/G.R. No. 213835. June 20, 2016

Unfair labor practice; ULP; Labor-only contracting; Independent contractor; Legal
standing; Real party-in-interest

Zaida R. Inocente vs. St. Vincent Foundation for Children and Aging,
Inc./Veronica Manguito
G.R. No. 202621, June 22, 2016

Immorality; Immoral; Disgraceful; Public and secular morality; Religious morality;
Sexual relations; Pregnancy out-of-wedlock; Discourage; Prohibit

Intec Cebu Inc., et al. vs. Hon. Court of Appeals, et al.
G.R. No. 189951, June 22, 2016

Petition for certiorari; Reduction of work hours; Constructive dismissal;

Ren Transport Corp. vs. National Labor Relations Commission
G.R. No. 188020/G.R. No. 188252. June 27, 2016

Unfair labor practice; ULP; Violation of duty to bargain

Quintanar, et al. vs. Coca-Cola Bottlers, Philippines, Inc.
G.R. No. 210565, June 28, 2016

Employer-employee relationship; Labor-only contracting; Labor-only contractor;
Stare decisis; Repeated re-hiring; Illegal dismissal; Burden of proof

Puncia vs. Toyota Shaw
G.R. No. 214399, June 28, 2016

Consolidation of cases; Gross insubordination; Gross inefficiency; Gross neglect
of duty; Productivity standards; Procedural due process; Dismissal for offense
not charged in the NTE; Nominal damages

Philippine National Oil Company-Energy Development Corporation vs.
G.R. Nos. 183200-01/G.R. Nos. 183253 & 183257. June 29, 2016

Doubt in labor cases; Ambiguity; Probationary employee; Regular employee; Job
description; Reasonable standards; Gross inefficiency; Gross neglect; Moral

Hilario Dasco, et al. Vs. Philtranco Service Enterprises Inc.
G.R. No. 211141, June 29, 2016

Field personnel

PMI-Faculty and Employees Union vs. PMI Colleges Bohol
G.R. No. 211526, June 29, 2016

Strike; Doubt in labor dispute; Relaxation of procedural rules

Century Properties, Inc. Vs. Edwin J. Babiano and Emma B. Concepcion
G.R. No. 220978. July 5, 2016

Forfeiture of commission for violation of Confidentiality of Documents and Non-
Compete Clause are clear

Bario Fiesta Restaurant, et al. vs. Helen C. Beronia
G.R. No. 206690, July 11, 2016

Motion for reconsideration; Motion for reconsideration of the CA decision;
Negligence of counsel is binding on the party

Phil-Nippon Kyoei, Corp. Vs. Rosalia T. Gudelosao, et al.

G.R. No. 181375. July 13, 2016

Hypothecary liability; Death benefits; POEA-SEC death benefit; Workmen’s
compensation claims; Code of Commerce; Maritime commerce

Ernesto Galang and Ma. Olga Jasmin Chan vs. BOIE Takeda Chemicals,
Inc. and/or Kazuhiko Nomura
G.R. No. 183934, July 20, 2016

Constructive dismissal; Burden of proof in constructive dismissal claim;
Retirement; Management prerogative; Lack of managerial authority of the Courts;
Company practice

Rodfhel Baclaan Torrefiel, et al. Vs. Beauty Lane Phils., Inc./Ms. Ma.
Henedina D. Tobojka
G.R. No. 214186, August 3, 2016

Loss of trust and confidence; Willful breach of trust;

Supra Multi-Services, Inc., et al. vs. Lanie M. Labitigan
G.R. No. 192297, August 3, 2016

Loss of trust and confidence; Willful breach of trust; Managerial employee;
Backwages; Recovery of amount subject of dishonesty

Picop Resources, Inc. vs. Social Security Commission and Mateo A. Belizar
G.R. No. 206936. August 3, 2016

Condonation of SSS loan

Holcim Philippines, Inc. vs. Renante J. Obra
G.R. No. 220998, August 8, 2016

Serious misconduct; Harsh penalty; Excessive penalty; Separation pay; Strained
relations; Backwages; Reistatement without backwages

Soliman Security Services, Inc. and Teresita L. Soliman vs. Igmedio C.
Sarmiento, et al.
G.R. No. 194649, August 10, 2016

Off-detail status; Constructive dismissal; Specific details of assignment should be
specified with notice of assignment

HSY Marketing Ltd., Co. Vs. Virgilio O. Villastique
G.R. No. 219569, August 17, 2016

Burden of proof; Service incentive leave; Field personnel; Abandonment;
Reinstatement without backwages; Strained relations; No strained relations when
no illegal dismissal;

Enrique Y. Sagun vs. Anz Global Services and Operations (Manila), Inc., et
G.R. No. 220399, August 22, 2016

Pre-employment screening; Pre-employment condition; Withdrawal of job offer;
Contract; Essential requisites of contract; Meeting of the minds; Suspensive
condition; Stages of contract; Contractual obligations; Efficacy of contractual

Cameron Granville 3 Asset Management, Inc. vs. UE Monthly Associated, et
G.R. No. 181387, September 5, 2016

Third-party claim in execution; Due process; Conduct of hearing

Geraldine Michelle B. Fallarme and Andrea Martinez-Gacos vs. San Juan De
Dios Educational Foundation, et al.
G.R. Nos. 1900015 & 190019, September 14, 2016

Probationary; Regularization of probationary teachers; Manual of Regulations for
Private Schools; MRPS; Non-renewal of contract due to infractions

Narciso T. Matis vs. Manila Electric Company
G.R. No. 206629, September 14, 2016

Serious misconduct; Loss of confidence; Willful breach of trust; Acquittal in
criminal case does not preclude acts inimical to employer’s interest; Filing of
complaint by public prosecutor is ground for dismissal; Length of service is taken
against employee in breach of trust

Mario N. Felicilda vs. Manchesteve H. Uy
G.R. No. 221241, September 14, 2016

Employer-employee; Control; Wage; Payment of wages; Per-trip basis;
Commission basis

The Geothermal, Employees Union vs. Unocal Philippines, Inc.
G.R. No. 190187, September 28, 2016

Branch; Subsidiary; Merger; Implied dismissal; Merger does not result in
dismissal; Change of theory on appeal

Manila Doctors College and Teresita O. Turla vs. Emmanuel M. Olores
G.R. No. 225044, October 3, 2016

Reinstatement pending appeal; Refusal to reinstate; Option granted to employee
to be reinstated or paid separation pay

Edward C. De Castro and Ma. Girlie F. Planton vs. Court of Appeals, et al.
G.R. No. 204261, October 5, 2016

Solidary liability; Intra-corporate controversy; Nature of the controversy test;
Piercing the veil

Oyster Plaza Hotel, et al. vs. Errol O. Melivo
G.R. No. 217455, October 5, 2016

Summons; Valid service of summons; Due process; Trainee; Probationary;
Project employee

Dee Jay's Inn and Cafe and/or Melinda Ferraris vs. Ma. Lorina Rañeses
G.R. No. 191823, October 5, 2016

Complaint; Position Paper; Claims not raised in complaint may be raised in
position paper; Equipoise doctrine; Separation pay; Return to work not feasible
due to length of time

A. Nate Casket Maker and/or Armando and Anely Nate vs. Elias V. Arango,
et al.
G.R. No. 192282, October 5, 2016

Regular employment; Pakyaw worker; Usually necessary and desirable; Control;
13 th month pay; Field personnel; Reference to field personnel

Maureen P. Perez vs. Comparts Industries, Inc.
G.R. No. 197557, October 5, 2016

Retirement; Optional retirement; Retrenchment; Separation pay; Management
prerogative; Company practice

Ramil R. Valenzuela vs. Alexandra Mining and Oil Ventures, Inc. and Cesar
E. Detera
G.R. No. 222419, October 5, 2016

Reinstatement; Backwages; Reinstatement without backwages; Admission of

Valentin S. Lazada vs. Magtanggol Mendoza

G.R. No. 196134, October 12, 2016

Solidary liability; Liability of director or officer; Separate and distinct personality;
Officer cannot be held solidarily liable in the absence of findings in the decision

Angelito R. Publico vs. Hospital Managers, Inc.
G.R. No. 209086, October 17, 2016

Gross and habitual neglect of duty; Supervisory duty; Gross negligence; Habitual

Leo's Restaurant and Bar Cafe, et al. vs. Laarne C. Densing
G.R. No. 208535, October 19, 2016

Willful breach of trust; Loss of trust and confidence; Moral damages

Allan Bazar vs. Carlos A. Ruizol
G.R. No. 198782, October 19, 2016

Employer-employee relationship; Retainership agreement; Law defines and
governs employment relationship; Wages; Control test

Errol Ramirez, et al. vs. Polyson Industries, Inc. and Wilson S. Yu
G.R. No. 207898, October 19, 2016

Slowdown strike; Strike on the installment plan; Illegal strike; Illegal concerted
activity; Deemed to have lost employment status; Affirmative assertions of
unbiased witnesses; General denial; Negative assertions

Toyota Pasig, Inc. vs. Vilma S. De Peralta
G.R. No. 213488, November 7, 2016

Wage; Commissions; Commission of salesmen; Allegation of non-payment of
monetary benefits

Jinky S. Sta. Isabel vs. Perla Compañia De Seguros, Inc.
G.R. No. 219430, November 7, 2016

Willful disobedience; Insubordination; Administrative investigation; Waiver;
Refusal to appear in an investigation is mere waiver and not insubordination

Isidro Quebral, et al. vs. Angbus Construction, Inc. and Angelo Bustamante
G.R. No. 221897, November 7, 2016

Project employment; Regular employment; Presumed regular employees;
Employment records; Branch office; Extension office is not a branch office; Filing
of pleadings; Date of mailing is the date of filing; Registry receipt; Date stamped

on the envelope; Submission of termination report only indicator of project

Buenaflor Car Services, Inc. vs. Cezar Durumpili David, Jr.
G.R. No. 222730, November 7, 2016

Serious misconduct; Misconduct; Extra-judicial confessions; Res inter alios acta;
Technical rules of procedure; Exception; Doctrine of independently relevant
statement; Substantial evidence

Universal Canning Inc., et al. vs. Court of Appeals, et al.
G.R. No. 215047, November 23, 2016

Loss of trust and confidence; Serious misconduct; Gambling; No money involved;
Use of company’s time and premises for gambling activities is theft of company’s

Peninsula Employees Union (PEU) vs. Michael B. Esquivel, et al.
G.R. No. 218454, December 1, 2016

Check-off; Agency fee; Quasi-contractual

Reyno C. Dimson vs. Gerry T. Chua
G.R. No. 192318, December 5, 2016

Service of summons; Piercing the veil of corporate fiction; Separate juridical
personality; Distinct and separate personality; Void judgment; Void judgment may
be impugned directly or collaterally; Patently unlawful acts; Bad faith of corporate

People's Security, Inc. and Nestor Racho vs. Julius S. Flores and Esteban
S. Tapiru
G.R. No. 211312, December 5, 2016

Abandonment; Refusal to give new assignment to relieved security guards;
Belated filing of illegal dismissal; Prescription

Alma Covita vs. SSM Maritime Services, Inc.
G.R. No. 206600, December 7, 2016

Death compensation; Work-related illness; Compensability; Burden of proof;
Probability of work-connection must be anchored on credible information; PEME;
Fit-to-work declaration; PEME is mere summary examination and not exploratory

Marina's Creation Enterprises and Jerry B. Alfonso vs. Romeo V. Ancheta
G.R. No. 218333, December 7, 2016

Medical certificate; New medical certificate; Fit-to-work; Termination due to


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