Authority to Deduct / Withhold (Filipino)


This template is a document intended to facilitate the crafting of an Authority to Withhold and Deduct from the pay or benefits of the employee who has liability from the company crafted in Filipino / Tagalog.


This is written in MS Word document, editable, provided the user’s device and program are compatible in such platform. This will be sent to the buyer via email upon completion of purchase.


This is the best document to use for employees who are not conversant of the English language and who are more familiar with the Filipino / Tagalog.


This document pertains to the admission of employee of his liability which may come from loan, damages, advances, or any unaccounted sum, etc.


The company is guided by the important provisions such as acknowledgment of liability. The user has to fill out the nature of liability (e.g., loan, damages, advances, unaccounted, sum, etc.).


The document may be notarized as well. The lack of notarization will not affect the validity. However, the notarization of this instrument adds weight to the declaration of the employee and admission of liability, in case of dispute in the future.


Hence, whether or not to have the document notarized, is an option of the company depending on its policy governing the weight of the documents executed by employees.


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This template provides:


  1. Name of employee
  2. Personal circumstances (Filipino, age, address, etc.)
  3. Acknowledgment of liability or indebtedness
  4. Undertaking to pay at a certain period
  5. No prior demand clause
  6. Authority to withhold and subsequently to deduct
  7. Valid and binding stipulation
  8. Non-liability clause
  9. Release of the company and its officers
  10. Voluntary execution of the document




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