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Notes on Bona Fide Suspension of Operations and Extension

Below is a quick guide on doctrines, rules, and principles governing the bonafide suspension of operations and its extension per D.O. 215, Series of 2020. This is useful in refreshing the concepts and rules involved: For full discussion on this matter, read here. Terminologies used: Temporary off-detail; Temporary layoff; bonafide suspension of operations Period not exceeding six months So before 6 months, Employer (ER) has to decide whether to Resume or to Close If ER Resumes Reinstate without loss of seniority rights if Employee (EE) indicates [...]

Employer Cannot Require an Employee to Marry her Boyfriend as a Condition to Return to Work

Compelling Employee to Marry a Boyfriend Who Got her Pregnant Cadiz got pregnant by her boyfriend. She was suspended by the company. They were both single. However, she was told that she could not return to work until after she marries her boyfriend. She filed a labor case. Is it correct for the employer to require as a condition to go back to work that she marries a boyfriend who got her pregnant? The Supreme Court said no as it is coercive, oppressive and [...]

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