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Security of Tenure, Contracting and Subcontracting Under E.O. 51, Series of 2018

Security of tenure is a constitutionally guaranteed right. Employees may not be terminated from their regular employment except for just or authorized causes under the Labor Code and other pertinent laws. (SME Bank, Inc. vs. De Guzman, G.R. No. 184517, October 8, 2013). Malacañang issued E.O. 51, Series of 2018 emphasizing the principle of security of tenure of employees and even making its own definition. Likewise, providing perspective on contracting and subcontracting and how it should be implemented. Below is the [...]

Employee’s rights vs. Employer’s Prerogative Part 2

In the previous post, the rights of employees were discussed as provided in Article 279 [now Article 294 as renumbered per R.A. 10151 and DA 01, Series of 2015] of the Labor Code, as amended. Basically, these rights include not to be dismissed without cause, due process, etc. Get a re-numbered copy of Labor Code Also, the right to benefits, compensation, and other emoluments provided by law. Of course, these rights are not absolute. On the other side there are rights of [...]

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