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Moral Damages in Labor Cases

Moral damages are recoverable when the dismissal of an employee is attended by bad faith or fraud or constitutes an act oppressive to labor, or is done in a manner contrary to good morals, good customs or public policy. [Torreda vs. Investment and Capital Corporation of the Philippines, G.R. No. 229881, September 5, 2018] In the case of Aldovino vs. Gold and Green Manpower Management and Development Services, Inc. [G.R. No. 200811, June 19, 2019], the instances when moral damages [...]

Payment of Damages as Hazard in Employee Termination

In previous post, the consequences of termination of employment were discussed. There are many other adverse scenarios that can result out of employee dismissal that the employer should understand and prepare for. Learn the legally defensible way to craft Disciplinary Notices The reason employee dismissal should be handled with extra care is the possibility of wreaking financial havoc on the company and setting a bad precedent among employees. One of the hazards of employee termination is the payment of various forms of [...]

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