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Loss of Trust and Confidence Applies to Confidential Employees

There are rank-and-file employees who hold highly confidential positions due to their fiduciary responsibilities and proximity to the management that makes important decisions pertaining to labor relations. In one of my clients’ organizational setup, an employee who used to be a holder of supervisory position being an assistant to the SVP for Marketing was demoted to rank-and-file status. But he was classified as a confidential employee. This kind of confidential employee is not a holder of a trusted position but [...]

Fraud and Loss of Trust and Confidence

A managerial employee is conferred with full trust and confidence by his employer. While as a manager he could exercise some discretion, such does not cover acts of betrayal of trust and confidence of his employer. He cannot reimburse his family’s personal travel expenses out of company funds. His act amounted to fraud or deceit which led to the loss of trust and confidence of his employer. An employee, the Officer-in-Charge of the company in its boutique misappropriated the amount [...]

Loss of Trust and Confidence: The Nature of Work and not Job Title is Material in Determining the Trust Reposed

Loss of trust and confidence is a ground for dismissal from employment. The Nature of work is an important determining factor in illegal dismissal cases involving loss of trust and confidence or willful breach of trust. In the case of JR Hauling Services vs. Solamo (G.R. No. 214294, September 30, 2020), the employees were charged of selling the broilers and broiler crates without the authority of the owner. In response to the administrative charge, the employees contend that they were drivers/helpers [...]

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