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Holidays for 2021 as Amended by Proclamation No. 1017

Holidays for the year 2021 were originally proclaimed through Proclamation No. 986 issued on 20 July 2020. However, it was amended by  Proclamation No. 1107, issued on 26 February 2021. Thus, below is the PDF version of Proclamation No. 1107 (Original File not mine): Proclamation 1107 Amending 2021 Holidays


Two days of the Lenten season are considered regular holidays. Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are paid twice whenever the employee reports for work.          However, there are employees who prefer to be absent to spend time with their loved ones, usually in the provinces. How should the holiday pay be computed and other related benefits? If the employee works on both days, then he should be paid twice his daily rate. If he does not work, he is generally entitled [...]

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