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Seminar on Valid Job Contracting and Sub-Contracting

Valid Job Contracting and Sub-Contracting Seminar on D.O. 174 and DOLE Department Circular 01, Series of 2017 will be held by Atty. Villanueva, as follows: EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, Mandaluyong City, Philippines9:00am to 5:00pm, Thursday, September 12, 2019 BEST PRACTICES IN CONTRACTING & SUBCONTRACTING Outsourcing The LEGAL Way To Prevent Labor Problems When outsourcing any function of your business operations like security, janitorial, accounting, sales, PR, telemarketing, advertising, property management, construction, logistics, design, etc., make sure that you know all the technicalities, strategies and [...]

D.O. 174 Does not Apply to Other Contractual Relationship

D.O. 174 of the Department of Labor and Employment is the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Articles 106 to 109 of the Labor Code, as amended. It applies to cases where there is contracting or sub-contracting in a trilateral relationship where there is employer-employee tie between the contractor and workers deployed to principal. Get an updated, re-numbered copy of the Labor Code 2017 It does not contemplate to cover information technology-enabled services involving an entire or specific business process. D.O. No. 174, Series [...]

D.O. 174 Non-Applicability to certain Business Arrangement and Industry

D.O. 174, Series of 2017, applies only to trilateral relationship which characterizes contracting or subcontracting arrangement. There are cases where the D.O. 174 has no application. Thus, the DOLE issued Department Circular No. 01, Series of 2017 clarifying its applicability, to wit: DEPARTMENT CIRCULAR NO. 01 Series of 2017 Clarifying the Applicability of Department Order No. 174, Series of 2017 Purpose This Circular issued to clarify the applicability/non-applicability of Department Order No. 174, series of 2017, or the new Rules Implementing Articles 106 to 109 of [...]

DOLE Issues D.O. 174 to Fight “Endo” and “Contractualization”

As reported, DOLE Secretary signed D.O. 174 superseding D.O. 18-A which implements Articles 106-109 of the Labor Code. Based on reports, this prohibits the following: Labor-only Contracting; Related: Burden of proof in labor-only contracting When the principal farms out work to a “Cabo”; Contracting out of job or work through an in-house agency; Contracting out of job or work through an in-house cooperative which merely supplies workers to the principal; Contracting out of a job or work by reason of a strike or lockout whether actual or [...]

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