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Moral Damages in Labor Cases

Moral damages are recoverable when the dismissal of an employee is attended by bad faith or fraud or constitutes an act oppressive to labor, or is done in a manner contrary to good morals, good customs or public policy. [Torreda vs. Investment and Capital Corporation of the Philippines, G.R. No. 229881, September 5, 2018] In the case of Aldovino vs. Gold and Green Manpower Management and Development Services, Inc. [G.R. No. 200811, June 19, 2019], the instances when moral damages [...]

Solidary Liability of Owners in Labor Cases

In case of dismissals, directors and officers of corporations may only be held solidarily liable with the corporation if they acted in bad faith or with malice. In Mandaue Dinghow Dimsum House, Co., Inc. vs. National Labor Relations Commission[ 571 Phil. 108 (2008)], the Supreme Court (SC) held that a corporation is invested by law with a personality separate and distinct from those of the persons composing it as well as from that of any other legal entity to which [...]

Notice Requirement in Redundancy and Issue on Bad Faith

Notice is required to be given to affected employee and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) as part of the procedural due process for termination due to authorized cause. It is clear from the wordings of Article 298 of the Labor Code, as amended, that notice to the employee should be made at least one month before the redundancy takes effect. If the employee consents to the redundancy, will the lack of notice comply with the procedural requirement? In the case [...]

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