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Effects if Motion for Reconsideration is Filed instead of Appeal from the Decision of the Labor Arbiter

In labor case, one of the parties may receive an adverse decision or order of the Labor Arbiter. In such case, what is the remedy? While most of the respondents in a labor case are represented by a counsel, there are those who undertake labor litigation on their own or without a lawyer. Considering that technical requirements of the procedure, mistake may be committed along the way. One of the critical steps in labor litigation where mistake may be committed [...]

Separation Pay is Computed up to Finality of Decision, Even if the Employee‘s Appeal Extended the date of Finality

Veronica Perez filed an illegal dismissal case against her employer, a theology school. She won the case before the Labor Arbiter (LA) all the way up to the Supreme Court. The decision became final and executory on October 4, 2012. The employer argued that the computation of the separation should be up to June 16, 2008 only and not October 4, 2012 resulting in a lower award since the delay in the decision becoming final was due to appeals [...]

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