Optimizing Your Facial Equipment


Title:  Optimizing Your Facial Equipment


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Title:  Optimizing Your Facial Equipment
Author: Mabelle F. Colayco, MD, DPDS
Publisher: Rex Printing Company, Inc.
ISBN: 978-621-02-0278-6
No. Of Pages: 53
Size: 5″x7″
Binding: Softbound

Why I am writing this book?

When I was starting my dermatology practice, a patient of mine came in for a facial treatment. I was on a “dermatology high” that time, studying and researching for new techniques and treatments on how I can better my practice. So when my patient laid down on the bed, I was very excited to apply what I have just learned. As I was doing a vacuum suction on her chin, I noticed reddening on the area. I was alarmed, and I became very upset because I was extra careful and attentive as I was performing the procedure. At the end of the session, I explained to my patient that she somehow developed a small bruise on her chin during the treatment. I hid my disappointment as I sent her home with some anti-bruise gel.

I moped about the incident as I finished updating her record, as I cleaned the treatment room, as I drove to meet my husband. When I arrived at the mall, I resolved to find a book on the proper techniques in doing facials, diamond peel, chemical peel, and other clinic treatments. I went to several bookstores and checked online, but I could not find any book for sale locally on the subject matter… That’s when I decided to write this book.

With this book, I endeavor to share the tenets behind the basic facial treatments which I have learned through research, observation and experience. It is my fervent wish that this book may also help new dermatologists, estheticians, and anyone interested in the practice of beauty develop their skills and avoid pitfalls in treating their patients.

Hope you learn something new! Enjoy!!!

– Dr. Mabelle Colayco

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