Digest of SC Decision on Labor 2017 Ring-Bound version


This ring-bound edition of the Digest of the Critical Supreme Court (SC) Decisions on Labor Cases Year 2017 is an essential tool for HR/Labor Practitioners, HR Managers, Business Owners, and even law students in achieving a quick grasp of the critical decisions of the SC on certain labor cases.


The product is printed in 8.5” x 13” paper, ring-bound, with plastic front and support paper at the back. Introductory price is only P845.00 which will run for a limited period.


The digested cases are presented showing the facts, the ruling of the labor tribunals (Labor Arbiter [LA], National Labor Relations Commission [NLRC], or other adjudicatory bodies of the DOLE, Court of Appeals [CA], and the Supreme Court [SC]).


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Title: Digest of SC Decision on Labor 2017 Ring-Bound version
Author: Atty. Elvin B. Villanueva
Binding: Ringbound

Table of Critical Labor Decisions

2017 Cases


Case Information Syllabus / Topic


Nestle Philippines, Inc. vs. Benny A. Puedan, Jr., et al.

G.R. No. 220617, January 30, 2017

Employer-Employee Relationship; Due Process in Labor Cases
Jack C. Valencia vs. Classique Vinyl Products Corporation, et al.

G.R. No. 206390, January 30, 2017

Employer-Employee Relationship; Labor-Only Contracting
Leo T. Maula vs. Ximex Delivery Express, Inc.

G.R. No. 207838, January 25, 2017

Serious Misconduct; Totality of Infractions Principle
Scanmar Maritime Services, Inc. Crown Shipmanagement Inc. vs. Wilfredo T. De Leon

G.R. No. 199977, January 25, 2017

Disability Benefits; Post-Employment Medical Examination
Asian Institute of Management vs. Asian Institute of Management Faculty Association

G.R. No. 207971, January 23, 2017

Petition for Cancellation as Proper Remedy to Assail Union Registration
Chateau Royale Sports and Country Club, Inc. vs. Rachelle G. Balba and Marinel N. Constante

G.R. No. 197492, January 18, 2017

Security of Tenure; Transfer; Management Prerogative
Rutcher T. Dagasdas vs. Grand Placement and General Services Corporation

G.R. No. 205727, January 18, 2017

Stipulation to Terminate Employment is Void; Release, Waiver and Quitclaim; Lex Loci Contractus
Maersk Filipinas Crewing Inc., and Maersk Co. IOM Ltd. vs. Joselito R. Ramos

G.R. No. 184256, January 18, 2017

Compensation for Disability; Perfection of Appeal; Authorization of Counsel; Disability refers to loss or impairment of earning capacity and not to pain or injury
Status Maritime Corporation and Admibros Shipmanagement Co., Ltd. vs. Rodrigo C. Doctolero

G.R. No. 198968, January 18, 2017

Permanent Total Disability; Filing of Complaint before the Lapse of the Initial 120-days
C.I.C.M. Mission Seminaries School of Theology, Inc., Fr. Romeo Nimez, CICM vs. Maria Veronica C. Perez

G.R. No. 220506, January 18, 2017

Computation of Backwages; Effect of Failure to Append Affidavit of Service; Effect of Re-Computation of Award on the Principle of Immutability of Judgment

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Turks Shawarma Company vs. Feliciano Z. Pajaron

G.R. No. 207156. January 16, 2017

Motion to reduce bond; Reduction of bond is not a matter of right
Jebsens Maritime, Inc., et al. vs. Florving G. Rapiz

G.R. No. 218871. January 11, 2017

Permanent total disability benefits; Case when company physician findings prevail
Cristina Barsolo vs. Social Security System

G.R. No. 187950. January 11, 2017

Compensable illness does not automatically become compensable; Work-related death
Flordaliza Llanes Grande vs. Philippine Nautical Training College

G.R. No. 213137, March 1, 2017

Defense of Resignation; Clear and convincing evidence
Joaquin Lu vs. Tirso Enopia, et al.

G.R. No. 197899, March 6, 2017

Employer-employee relationship; Control; Remittance with SSS as proof of employment
Ernesto Brown vs. Marswin Marketing, Inc., et al.

G.R. No. 206981, March 15, 2017

Abandonment of work; Immediate filing of illegal dismissal viz abandonment
De Ocampo Memorial Schools, Inc. vs. Bigkis Manggagawa sa De Ocampo Memorial School, Inc.

G.R. No. 192648, March 15, 2017

Cancellation of union registration
De La Salle Araneta University vs. Juanito C. Bernardo

G.R. No. 190809, February 13, 2017

Retirement; Continued engagement of employee after retirement; Estoppel
TSM Shipping Phils., Inc. and/or Dampskibsselskabet Norden A/S and/or Capt. Castillo vs. Louie L. Patiño

G.R. No. 210289, March 20, 2017

Temporary total disability; 120-day rule; 240-day rule; Vergara doctrine
Nueva Ecija II Electric Cooperative, Inc., et al. vs. Elmer B. Mapagu

G.R. No. 196084, February 15, 2017

Petition for certiorari; Rule 65; Petition for review on certiorari; Rule 45; Reglementary period
Julieta B. Sta. Ana vs. Manila Jockey Club, Inc.

G.R. No. 208459, February 15, 2017

Loss of trust and confidence;
E. Ganzon, Inc. (EGI) vs. Fortunato B. Ando, Jr.

G.R. No. 214183, February 20, 2017

Project employment; usually necessary and desirable; fixed-term vs. project employment; length of service; repeated and successive re-hiring; casual employment; one year of service
PJ Lhuillier, Inc. vs. Hector Oriel Cimagala Camacho

G.R. No. 223073, February 22, 2017

Loss of trust and confidence involving managerial employee
Herma Shipyard, Inc. vs. Danilo Oliveros, et al.

G.R. No. 208936, April 17, 2017

Project employment; Project employment that is necessary and desirable but distinct, separate, and identifiable from the other projects or contract services
Philippine Airlines, Inc. vs. Arjan T. Hassaram

G.R. No. 217730, June 5, 2017

Retirement benefit; Retirement plan vs. retirement under the Labor Code
Luis S. Doble, Jr. vs. ABB, Inc./Nitin Desal

G.R. No. 215627, June 5, 2017

MCLE compliance; Certified photocopy vs. certified true copy; Forced resignation; Option to resign and forced resignation.; Release and quitclaim; Acceptance of separation benefits and estoppel; Improperly notarized Deed of Release and Quitclaim; Constructive dismissal
Spectrum Security Services, Inc. vs. David Grave, et al.

G.R. No. 196650, June 7, 2017

Constructive dismissal; Running of off-detail period of six months while case is pending; Abandonment of work
Sumifru (Philippines) Corp. vs. Nagkahiusang Mamumuo sa Suyapa Farm (Namasufa-Naflu-Kmu)

G.R. No. 202091, June 7, 2017

Employer-employee relationship; Requiring compliance with no-helmet policy; Imposition of disciplinary action
Ramon Manuel T. Javines vs. Xlibris a.k.a. Author Solutions, Inc., Joseph Steinbach, and Stella Mars Quano

G.R. No. 214301, June 7, 2017

Appeal; Decision becomes final on party who does not appeal; Petition for certiorari; finality of decision; Consideration of errors not assigned on appeal
United Coconut Chemicals, Inc. vs. Victoriano B. Valmores

G.R. No. 201018, July 12, 2017

Backwages computation
Yolando T. Bravo vs. Urios College (Now Father Saturnino Urios University) and/or Fr. John Christian U. Young

G.R. No. 198066, June 7, 2017

Serious misconduct; Willful breach of trust; Loss of trust and confidence; Good faith as defense; Backwages not due if employee was dismissed for just cause
Marlow Navigation Philippines, Inc./Marlow Navigation Co., Ltd. and/or Ms. Eileen Morales Vs. Heirs of Ricardo S. Ganal, et al.

G.R. No. 220168, June 7, 2017

Death compensation; Suicide of seafarer; “arising out of”; “in the course of”; notorious negligence
Mario C. Madridejos vs. Nyk-Fil Ship Management, Inc.

G.R. No. 204262, June 7, 2017

Presumption of work-relatedness; Presumption of compensability
Ravengar G. Ibon vs. Genghis Khan Security Services and/or Marietta Vallespin

G.R. No. 221085, June 19, 2017

Off-detail status; Return-to-work order should indicate specific assignment
Seapower Shipping, Ent., Inc. vs. Heirs of Warren M. Sabanal, represented by Elvira Ong-Sabanal

G.R. No. 198544, June 19, 2017

Suicide; Strange behavior; burden of proof; Justice is for the deserving
Norman Panaligan, et al. vs. Phyvita Enterprises Corporation

G.R. No. 202086, June 21, 2017

Serious misconduct; Willful breach of trust; Loss of trust and confidence; substantial evidence; burden of proof
Paulino M. Aldaba vs. Career Philippines, Shipmanagement, Inc., Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd., and/or Verlou Carmelito

G.R. No. 218842, June 21, 2017

120-day rule; 240-day rule; total and permanent disability; disability; sufficient justification to extend the period
Ambassador Hotel, Inc. vs. Social Security System

G.R. No. 194137, June 21, 2017

SSS contributions; Acquittal from criminal case and extinguishment of civil liability
Constancio Caderao vs. Senator Crewing (Manila), Inc., et al./Senator Crewing (Manila), Inc., et al. Vs. Constancio Caderao

G.R. No. 224532/G.R. No. 224565, June 21, 2017

Permanent total disability; 120-day rule; third doctor
Rommel M. Zambrano, et al. vs. Philippine Carpet Manufacturing Corporation/Pacific Carpet Manufacturing Corporation, et al.

G.R. No. 224099, June 21, 2017

Losses; Closure or cessation; piercing the veil; alter ego; Unfair labor practice
Claudia’s Kitchen, Inc. and Enzo Squilantini vs. Ma. Realiza S. Tanguin

G.R. No. 221096, June 28, 2017

Abandonment; Premature filing of labor case; Separation pay; Separation pay where there was no dismissal
Philippine National Bank vs. Jumelito T. Dalmacio/Jumelito T. Dalmacio Vs. Philippine National Bank and/or Ms. Cynthia Javier

G.R. No. 202308/G.R. No. 202357, July 5, 2017

Redundancy; Release, Waiver and Quitclaim
Distribution & Control Products, Inc. vs. Jeffrey Santos

G.R. No. 212616, July 10, 2017

Loss of trust and confidence; Willful breach of trust
Wilmer O. De Andres vs. Diamond H Marine Services & Shipping Agency, Inc., et al.

G.R. No. 217345, July 12, 2017

Post-employment medical examination
Philtranco Service Enterprises, Inc., et al. vs. Cual

G.R. No. 207684, July 17, 2017

Issue preclusion rule; Collateral estoppel; Law of the case doctrine; Res judicata; Supervening event
BDO Unibank, Inc. vs. Nestor N. Nerbes and Armenia F. Suravilla

G.R. No. 208735, July 19, 2017

Serious misconduct; Misconduct; Attorney’s fees; Compromise agreement; Return to work order; Willful disobedience; insubordination; Harsh penalty
Maunlad Trans Inc., Carnival Cruise Lines vs. Isidro

G.R. No. 222699, July 24, 2017

Disability benefits; Ailment not complained of at the time of repatriation
Cosue vs. Ferritz Integrated Development Corporation, et al.

G.R. No. 230664, July 24, 2017

Burden of proof; Employer denies dismissal; reinstatement without backwages; Option to resign; Graceful exit
Espere vs. NFD International Manning Agents, Inc.

G.R. No. 212098, July 26, 2017

Execution pending certiorari; Deposit for amount in execution pending certiorari; Findings of company designated physician vs. private physician; Work-related illness; Reasonable connection; PEME; Return of award
Grieg Philippines, Inc. Grieg Shipping Group vs. Gonzales

G.R. No. 228296, July 26, 2017

Compensability of illness
Hoegh Fleet Services Phils., Inc., vs. Turallo

G.R. No. 230481, July 26, 2017

Permanent and total disability; 120-day rule; 240-day rule; attorney’s fees; maximum amount of attorney’s fees
United Polyresins, Inc. vs. Pinuela

G.R. No. 209555, July 31, 2017

Substantive due process; Procedural due process; Union officer expulsion or impeachment does not result in loss of union membership; ground for dismissal of union officer.
Genpact Services, Inc. vs. Santosfalceso

G.R. No. 227695, July 31, 2017

Motion for reconsideration of the NLRC decision; Petition for certiorari
Gomez vs. Crossworld Marine Services, Inc.

G.R. No. 220002, August 2, 2017

Partial permanent disability; 240-day rule
Sterling Paper Products Enterprises, Inc. vs. KMM-Katipunan

G.R. No. 221493, August 2, 2017

Recantation of testimony; retraction; misconduct; serious misconduct; disrespect
Atienza vs. Orophil Shipping International Co., Inc., et al.

G.R. No. 191049, August 7, 2017

Notorious negligence; presumption of work-relatedness; presumption of compensability; pre-existing disease; 120-day rule; permanent and total disability; Crystal Shipping Doctrine
Adtel, Inc. vs. Valdez

G.R. No. 189942, August 9, 2017

Petition for certiorari; heavy workload; 60-day period; compelling reason for extension to file petition for certiorari
Perea vs. Elburg Shipmanagement Philippines, Inc., et al.

G.R. No. 206178, August 9, 2017

Medical findings; Company-designated physician; Private physician; Compensability
Romana vs. Magsaysay Maritime Corporation

G.R. No. 192442, August 9, 2017

Compensability; Listed illness; Presumption of work-relatedness; Presumption of compensability
North Sea Marine Services Corporation vs. Enriquez

G.R. No. 201806, August 14, 2017

Third doctor; Company-designated physician;
Read-Rite Philippines, Inc. vs. Francisco, et al.

G.R. No. 195457, August 16, 2017

Single or isolated incident granting the benefit; Company practice; Retrenchment; Voluntary separation benefits; Minute Resolution not binding to non-parties
Frondozo, et al. vs. Manila Electric Company

G.R. No. 178379, August 22, 2017

Preliminary injunction by the NLRC; Conflicting decisions; Change in the situation; Supervening event; Writ of Execution
Wenceslao, et al. vs. Makati Development Corporation

G.R. No. 230696, August 30, 2017

Incomplete statement of material dates;
Transglobal Maritime Agency, Inc., Goodwood Shipmanagement Pte., Ltd. vs. Vicente D. Chua, Jr.

G.R. No. 222430, August 30, 2017

Refusal of employee to sign the logbook; Willful disobedience; Legal rate of interest of 6%; Vessel’s logbook
Dennis M. Concejero vs. Court of Appeals and Philippine National Bank

G.R. No. 223262, September 11, 2017

Failure to file a petition; Motion for extension; Reglementary period to file petition for certiorari
Philippine National Bank vs. Gregorio

G.R. No. 194944, September 18, 2017

Affidavits as basis of dismissal; Retraction; Confrontation of witness
NYK-Fil Ship Management, Incorporated vs. Gener G. Dabu

G.R. No. 225142, September 13, 2017

Period to appeal the decision of the Voluntary Arbitrator; Appeal
C.F. Sharp Crew Management, Inc. vs. Noel N. Orbeta

G.R. No. 211111, September 25, 2017

Permanent total disability; Failure to complete the medical examination of the company-designated physician; Medical abandonment; 240-day rule; Premature case
TSM Shipping (Phils.), Inc. Inc. vs. Shirley G. De Chavez

G.R. No. 198225, September 27, 2017

Suicide of seafarer; Death benefit


Fabricator Philippines, Inc. vs. Jeani Rose Q. Estolas

G.R. Nos. 224308-09, September 27, 2017

Verbal tussle in front of superior; Serious misconduct; Misconduct; Suspension and dismissal for the same offense


Oriental Shipmanagement Co., Inc. vs. William David P. Ocangas

G.R. No. 226766, September 27, 2017

Permanent and total disability; Private physician; Crystal Shipping doctrine; 120-day rule; 240-day rule; Kestrel case
Allan John Uy Reyes vs. Global Beer Below Zero, Inc.

G.R. No. 222816, October 4, 2017

“Turnover” as dismissal from employment; Unauthenticated text message; Valid dismissal; Verbal notice of Dismissal; Technical rules of procedure; Abandonment
Abbott Laboratories (Philippines), Inc. vs. Manuel F. Torralba, et al.

G.R. No. 229746, October 11, 2017

Redundancy; Criteria; Status, efficiency, and proficiency; Offer to hire during redundancy; Waiver and Quitclaim; Level of education; Susceptible to financial offers; Offer of reinstatement; Separation pay; Partial satisfaction of the award; Crediting to backwages the amount received as separation pay
Career Philippines Shipmanagement, Inc. vs. Eduardo J. Godinez

G.R. No. 206826/G.R. No. 206828, October 2, 2017

PEME; Non-disclosure of condition; Mental illness; Compensability; Certificate of Fitness to Work
Meatworld International, Inc. vs. Dominique A. Hechanova

G.R. No. 208053, October 18, 2017

Petition for certiorari; Board Resolution to file petition for certiorari; Secretary Certificate; Failure to assign employee after serving a suspension; Constructive dismissal
Demex Rattancraft, Inc. and Narciso T. Dela Merced vs. Rosalio A. Leron

G.R. No. 204288, November 8, 2017

Absences after the filing of illegal dismissal complaint; Return-to-work notice; Abandonment; Procedural due process
Maersk-Filipinas Crewing, Inc. vs. Rosemary G. Malicse

G.R. Nos. 200576 & 200626, November 20, 2017

CBA provisions for seafarers; Burden of proving compensability; Death benefits; Work-related illness
Froel M. Pu-Od, et al. vs. Ablaze Builders, Inc.

G.R. No. 230791, November 20, 2017

Motion for Extension to file Memorandum of Appeal; Backwages; Separation pay; No dismissal but also no abandonment of work; Proving the fact of dismissal;
Veterans Federation of the Philippines vs. Eduardo L. Montenejo, et al.

G.R. No. 184819, November 29, 2017

Closure of establishment; Backwages; Notice of closure to DOLE; Effects on dismissal of lack of notice to DOLE; Piercing of veil of corporate fiction
Alamario F. Leoncio vs. MST Marine Services (Phils.), Inc.

G.R. No. 230357, December 6, 2017

PEME; Concealment and fraud; Work-related illness; Compensability; Hypertension
Innodata Services, Inc. vs. Socorro D’Marie T. Inting, et al.

G.R. No. 211892, December 6, 2017

Project employee; Assigned outside of the original contract; Deemed regular employee; Project duration; Different completion dates; Forced leave, temporary lay-off, or floating status; Decline in the volume of work; Project employment that contains a fixed-term duration; Ambiguity; Bona fide suspension of operations; Floating status; Constructive dismissal; Notice to DOLE is mandatory for both temporary and permanent layoffs
Ergonomic Systems Philippines, Inc. vs. Emerito C. Enaje, et al.

G.R. No. 195163, December 13, 2017

Union security clause; Federation union invoking union security clause; Chartered local union; Strike; Strike without strike vote report;
Mahitabel, Inc. vs. Jufhel L. Alcuizar

G.R. Nos. 228701-02, December 13, 2017

Instructions to turnover functions; Erroneous publication of vacant position; Dismissal; Filing of illegal dismissal and abandonment of work
Advan Motor, Inc. vs. Victoriano G. Veneracion

G.R. No. 190944, December 13, 2017

Strained relations; Reinstatement; Position of trust and confidence
Expedition Construction Corporation, et al. vs. Alexander M. Africa, et al.

G.R. No. 228671, December 14, 2017

Payment of wages on per-trip; Employer-employee relationship; Separation pay; Separation pay even if there was no illegal dismissal


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